Tourism and Recreation

Obed Wild & Scenic River

The Obed River and its major tributaries, Clear Creek and Daddy's Creek, form almost a 100 mile system of rugged water which change complexion with the seasons. Sheer Rock walls encase the stream in Canyons up to 500 feet deep and create spectacular views which appeal to all types of outdoor enthusiasts. In times of heavy rainfall these streams churn and froth into truly spectacular whitewater. The scenery within the Obed still looks much the same as it did before America became a nation. The river became a National Park Service site in 1976. The Obed River itself is located just a few miles west of Wartburg. A visitor center for the Obed is located in Wartburg across from the courthouse. Travelers with a few hours to spend can experience the Obed by stopping by the visitor center and making a quick trip to the Obed Overlook near Lancing only a few miles away.

For those who like the real challenge of the great outdoors, the Obed provides a setting for many recreational activities. Canoeing, kayaking and rafting bring many people to the Obed. The river includes three different difficulty classifications (II-IV) making it one of the best white water rivers in the eastern United States. The Obed's sandstone rock faces make it a great challenge for experienced climbers. Fishing opportunities are also plentiful on the Obed. Fish species include smallmouth bass, bluegill, catfish and Muskie. Hiking the trails is probably the most enjoyable activity at the Obed; with miles of scenic trails Come see what the Obed has to offer and why Naturalist John Muir was so inspired on his discovery of the area. For more information about the Obed Wild & Scenic River; visit their website.